Present Puppies: 

Rosie and Charlie has a litter of 6 puppies 3 boys and 3 girls born 25/9 and ready to move at 8 weeks of age from 20 November. 1 brown roan boy available. SKK registration, chip, vaccination, passport, health declaration and dewormed. Full puppypackage includes; ProPlan food 3 KG, 5 KG Vom Og Hundemat puppy, toys, thermomete, toothbrush, Tena care protection for housetraining, leather neckles and leash. 

For request of any of these puppies send an email with your info as below and a phonenumber. 

When you send me a message please write a little about your household, where in the world you live, how you spend your life and how you live, other animals in your family, if you want to breed, if you want to show your dog or only for company, things you are interested in that you want your dog to be involved with. Im happy to hear everything of importance and I can help you choose the right dog for you. During pandemic I will provide pictures and videos of puppies on my FB page. You must submit your phonenumber. 

Take care and be safe in these times. / Johanna @ Royalcox